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Thomas H. Boyd
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The New Website

What's up with the website changes and where is the old site and it's content?

Genealogy Books

The Boyd Family genealogy, writing genealogy books and why it's best not to.

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Websites and Internet

I've been building websites for about 10 years, both for my personal use, for several non-profits and for artists. Visit these websites under the media tab above. These web sites use:

  • html and php
  • Dreamweaver
  • Wordpress
  • eCommerce using PayPal as the payment gateway
  • I don't do Adobe Flash


I wouldn't exactly call myself a photographer, but I have been taking pictures with quality cameras for more that 40 years. I'm reasonably proficient at digital photoediting, for which I use Photoshop and Apple's Aperture.


I am a producer at NewTV, a community access television station in Newton, MA, where I produce a show that covers environmental speakers at the Newton Free Library called Greening Our Community. I occasionally work on other shows. I use professional video equipment and do all of the video editing using Final Cut Pro.


I have been doing family history research for 10 years and have published a book on the Boyd Family, William Boyd: A Family History. I've recently updated that book, adding a new chapter on the Carrington family. The update is an ebook, but has not yet been released (see my post on writing genealogy books). I have an extensive web site,, devoted to genealogy using TNG (The Next Generation) by Darrin Lythgoes.


My personal website has family photos, travel logs and other items that may be of interest to my family and (maybe) people who know me.

What's New

Well, everything, sorta. The whole website has been revised with new layouts, new colors and some new content. Some of the old content is still there, too. The site has been rewritten using html5, the latest standard. There's a new blog. Also, I'll be providing links to other interesting (at least to me) sites at the bottom of this page. These will change from time to time so check back to see what's new.

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