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Daddy Reading

Daddy's 90th Birthday

It was a great day-Saturday April 23, 2005. We celebrated Daddy's 90th birthday at his house in Munford with about 60 people attending. The weather could have been warmer-it was sunny, breezy and cool-but it was nice enough to eat outside (for some, at least). Some special guests included first cousins Agnes Strong Simonton and Frances Strong Timbs, both members of the 90+ club (the six first cousins who are 90 years old or older-Frances Strong Timbs, Agnes Strong Simonton, Doris Boyd, Dorothy Boyd Agnew, Frances Boyd Hester and now William). Old friends Geoge Baddour, Richard Lee Adkins as well as fellow Masons and coffee clubers were also there. And, of course 22 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (32 including spouses and dates).

Daddy Reading

Daddy's 95th Birthday

April 17, 2010, midway between the two disputed birthdays (is it April 15 or April 20) the family got together to celebrate Daddy's 95th birthday.

Daddy Reading

Harriet's 80th Birthday

Harriet's 80th birthday was really on March 1, 2007, but it was St. Patrick's Day when we all got together to celebrate. The family and a few friends had a late lunch/brunch and birthday cake, and watched a short video celebrating Harriet's 80 years.