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Family Events

Boyd Family 2011

Family Events

Perrin's Wedding

Perrin Bailey's Wedding, Nags Head, NC, June 2013

Perrin Bailey is Margarret's cousin, Anne Bailey's, daughter. She married David Lawrence at the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, NC. The adults (wedding party and guests) stayed at at the First Colony Inn in Nags Head, while everyone else stayed in a couple of rented beach houses. I had never been to the outer banks, so we took the oportunity to do some sightseeing in Nags Head and Cape Hatteras. After some intial transportation problems (2 cancelled flights, a night in Philadelphia and a 36 hour trip), we arrived in Nags Head just in time for the reheasal dinner. The weather was perfect, the wdding site beautiful and the people great.

The photos are here.

Thanksgiving in Munford 2012

Thanksgiving in Munford, 2012

It was Thanksgiving in Munford this year. Bill and his family were there. Tom and Margaret arrived Monday night. Adam, Holly and Eli came on Tuesday night (Holly's first visit to Munford). Bill and Bette came on Wednesday and brought Logan and Hannah. And, of course, all of the Memphis locals were there, KE, Will and Kara and families, Peggy, Alex and Elizabeth. A total of 22 for dinner. The weather was spectacular–sunny in the 70s. Alex's renovations to the house are coming along and look great. And, the new gas range served us well for both Thanksgiving dinner and the day after breakfast.

The photos are here, my apologies if there seem to be a lot of Eli photos.

Mark and Margaret

Mark's visit to Boston

Mark arrived at Boston's Logan airport at 10:00 pm on a rainy Saturday night. On Sunday we had planned a leaf peeping trip to western Massachusetts. It was raining when we left, but cleared up in the early afternoon and turned out to be a nice day, although it was still a little early for the fall foilage. Monday was a beautiful fall day, sunny with temperatures in the 70s. We did a tour of Boston, including Beacon Hill, the North End and some of the historical sites in downtown Boston.

View a short gallery of photos from the weekend.

Mark and Margaret

Thanksgiving in Jackson, 2011

Everybody (well, almost everybody) went to Bette's house for Thanksgiving. Margaret and I flew to Memphis and then drove down with Daddy. It was a good holiday that included watching movies, playing cards and shooting mistletoe out of trees in addition to the usual eating and watching football games.


Mexico City Flamingo Party

The Flamingo Parties

The Flamingo Party was established by Margaret when (you guessed it) she was a Graduate student at Emory University in the 1980s. The basic premise was that everyone had to wear something pink. There were prizes (none of which cost more than $1) for the best outfit in a number of categories (e.g. most pink, most original, most embarassing). It's truly amazing what people will wear when given the simple instruction "No pink, no drink". As an annual tradition, the Flamingo Parties were revived while we lived in Mexico (Mexicans really love a good party) and continued for 5 years after we returned to Boston. The number of attendees was generally in triple digits and there were often people that neither Margaret nor I knew. Eventually it became too much work and we stopped having them after 2005. Here is the Flamingo Party website (unedited since 2005).